sharmain kendrick


Perth born, Sharmain Kendrick has been performing from a very young age studying singing, acting and dancing. Sharmain’s talent, passion and dedication for dance enabled her to travel the world performing for companies such as Disney and Princess Cruise-lines.

In addition to Sharmain’s many dance accomplishments, Kendrick also secured an acting role in the Australian movie ‘Two Fists, One Heart’. Today, Sharmain shares the screen as co-host on the TV show ‘Night Thunder’ aired on Fox Sports and 7 Mate.

Sharmain’s first taste of singing success at only 17 granted her a solo performance on the big stage at Max Pelicano’s show ‘Elvis to the Max’. Years later, a collaboration of local female talent saw the beginning of girl band Envy, who shared much success during their time together.

After performing at the Boyup Brook Country Music Festival in 2013, Sharmain knew that country was where her heart lied. Fate would see a selected few, including Kendrick, share the stage at an intimate evening performance with Country Music Duo ‘Carter & Carter’. Sharmain has also worked along side singer songwriter Mike Carr, co-writing her second single “Kill Him”. Country music star Adam Brand has also been a wonderful mentor to her. 

Sharmain’s debut single ‘Break Your Heart’ topped the iTunes charts at No.1 on release. ‘Break Your Heart’ also sat in the top 30, on CMC’s Top 30 Countdown for 3 months. Following the success of the debut release Sharmain travelled to Nashville in September of 2015 to promote the single and gather momentum for her album which she hopes to release in the very near future.

Kendrick was one of the top 10 finalists for Toyota Star Maker 2016, Australia’s biggest and most prestigious country music competition, held in the heart of country music in Australia, Tamworth. Sharmain also opened for Aussie Country Music star Adam Brand at his Tamworth show.

Sharmain received "New Emerging Artist of the Year" and "Best New Film Clip of the Year" for 'Break Your Heart' at the 2016 West Australian Country Music Awards, held as part of the Boyup Brook Country Music Festival.

After launching her second single, the all powerful "girl anthem", 'Kill Him', Sharmain has a big year ahead of her.

This vibrant singer lights up the stage when she performs. “I love being on stage, its where I feel at home and performing live to fans that share your love and appreciation for music, there is just nothing like it”.